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Discover the diverse leisure paradise of Canino: A Tuscan idyll with a wide range of activities.

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The Tuscia

Tuscia was an ancient landscape in central Italy that extended over a small, southern part of Tuscany as well as parts of Umbria and Lazio. Its name derives from the Etruscans who once lived in this area. The Etruscans were a fascinating people with a rich culture that existed in central Italy between 800 and 350 BC. Their traces are still visible in Tuscia today: caves, hollow ways, ancient temples and historical relics bear witness to their former presence.

The name “Tuscia” originally referred to an extremely extensive area that encompassed the whole of Etruria: Tuscany, western Umbria and northern Lazio. In the course of various historical events, this territory was divided into three main areas:

Tuscia Romana: this corresponds to northern Lazio with the ancient papal province of the Patrimony of San Pietro. Today it corresponds to the province of Viterbo and the northern part of the province of Rome up to Lake Bracciano.

Tuscia Ducale: This comprised the areas in Lazio and Umbria that were subject to the Duchy of Spoleto.

Tuscia Longobarda: This roughly corresponds to the present-day territory of Tuscany and includes the areas that were subject to the Lombards and formed the Duchy of Tuscia.

Tuscia is a fascinating historical region, rich in culture and heritage. It's worth exploring the picturesque villages, villas and gardens that this region has to offer!

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Cascata Pellico Canino
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The Casa Daniele holiday complex is located between Lago di Bolsena (32 km away) and the sea (20 km away). Canino, known as the town of DOP olive oil, is 13 km from Casa Daniele. The neighbouring “Tuscia” region is just as beautiful as Tuscany, but not overcrowded with tourists.

The romantic Lake Bolsena, the Etruscan archaeological site of Vulci, the artist garden of Niki de Saint Phalle Il Giardino di Tarocchi, the city of towers Tarquinia, Civita di Bagnoregio (the dying city), Pitigliano “little Jerusalem” as well as Monte Argentario, Monte Amiata (1738m) are places that can be reached quickly from Casa Daniele. The latest attraction in the area is the beautiful “Terme dei Vulci”, which is just 2 kilometres away on foot! The eternal city of Rome is only about 100 km away and can be reached easily and conveniently by train in 70 minutes.

Civita di Bagnoregio
Gardens of Bomarzo
Cascata Pellico Canino
Waterfall of Canino
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